The Apartment

The comfortable 1-bedroom apartment is located in Vallpineda, a quiet, peaceful neighbourhood between San Pere de Ribes and Sitges. The apartment is situated in a complex, which features a swimming pool and an expansive terrace. From the terrace, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the sea and the rich forest background.

The apartment has a living room and dining area, a completely furnished kitchen with a bar. A small hallway leads to the master bedroom and to the bathroom with a toilet, shower and a washing table. In the living room there is a sofa-bed, suitable for up to 4 people.

The heart of Sitges can be reached on foot within ± 20 minutes and within ± 5 minutes by car.
During your walks through the old centre, you pass by numerous and charming sidewalk cafés and shops. These have made Sitges famous worldwide.

The old part of the city's centre is car-free after 10:30 a.m. For those who want to go by car, there is paid parking along the boulevards, a secure parking garage close by the covered market and the station or on the parking municipal (Carrer Victor Balaguer).

The apartment - the furnishings

Bringing your own household supplies is NOT necessary. You can make use of the furnishings and supplies that are present in the apartment, such as:

  • Gas stove with 4 burners
  • Microwave oven
  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Coffee machine
  • Glasses, silverware & porcelain
  • LED-TV
  • Vacuum cleaner


Because of hygienic concerns, rags and drying towels are not supplied! Bedding, however, is made available. If you make use of the sheets, etc. during your stay, please wash and dry them before your departure.

It is expected that you treat the apartment and its inventory with respect and handle all materials as if they were your own.

The apartment - the deposit

At the time that you pick up the keys, you will need to pay a deposit of 150 €. This deposit will be refunded after the rental period provided that everything in the apartment and the apartment itself are intact and left in the same condition. Just before departure, the renter is expected to clean the apartment. If this is not done or the cleaning is not done in full, a cleaning fee will be subtracted from the deposit.


Where to go


Azul - c. Sant Bonaventura 10 -
BackStage – c Espalter 7
Bears' Bar, c. Bonaire 17
Bourbon's - c. Sant Bonaventura 9 -
Comodin - c. Taco 4
El Horno - c. Juan Tarrida 6
La Villa - c. Juan Tarrida 8
Parrots Pub - Plaça Industria 2 -
Queenz, c. Bonaire 17 - open till 3:00 a.m.
El Piano - c. Sant Bonaventura 37
Prinz - c. Nou (Nueva) 4
7 (El Siete) - c. Nou 7 -
Privilege - c. Sant Gaudenci 7
XXL - c. Juan Tarrida 7 -


Queenz, c. Bonaire 17 - open till 3:00 a.m. -
The Organic - C./ Bonaire, 15 - open till 5:00 a.m. -
Trailer - Angel Vidal, 36 - open till 5:00 a.m. -


Al Fresco - C/ Pablo Barrabeig, 4 - T: 938.940.600
l'Angle d'Adriana - Plaça Industria 2 - T: 938.949.913
Beach House - C/ Sant Pau, 34 - T: 938.949.027
Davallada 9, C/Davallada, 9 - T:635.765.090
El Castell - C/ Carreta, 21 - T: 938.943.349
El Trull - Passatge. M.F. Clarà, 3 - T: 938.944.705
El Xalet - Illa de Cuba, 33 - T: 938.110.070
Eterna - Bonaire, 26 - T: 938.948.036
La Torka - C/ Sant Pere, 26 - T: 938.941.483
La Paloma - C/ Carreta, 10 - T: 938.949.247
Ma Maison - C/ Bonaire, 28 - T: 938.946.054
Mont Roig – C/Marquis de Montroig 11-13
Picnic - Playa El Espigón s/n - T: 938.110.040
Queenz, c. Bonaire 17-


Many sides of Spain

Whenever one thinks of Spain, images of the sun and the see are often conjured up. But for those who adore this magnificent country know that Spain has plenty more to offer: a glorious and rich history, immense cultural treasures, a wild natural landscape, simple and traditional culinary habits and friendly and honest people. Although this combination is not to be found everywhere in Spain, it applies most definitely to Sitges, a fashionable seaside resort town 40 kilometers to the south of the international and cultural city of Barcelona.

Sitges: Elegant and swinging

At the beginning of the last century, Sitges started attracting the well-to-do from Barcelona who were enthralled by the city's chique atmosphere. The rich architecture, the broad and charming sea boulevard and the elegant hotels all have contributed to Sitges' reputation as a favorite holiday destination spot. And this reputation holds true not only for those from Barcelona but has spread throughout the world. Besides its seaside attractions, Sitges offers a lively and thriving gay scene.

Sitges has an extensive and varied nightlife. As a seaside resort, Sitges is filled with 17 beaches and is suitable for vacations throughout the whole year.

Meteostation Barcelona has at this moment  :  
A motorway and trains are connecting Sitges and Barcelona. From the railwaystation Sants in Barcelona or from the airport you're arrive within an half an hour in Sitges.

The old road to Barcelona very nice, driving through tunnels and behind the cliffs with beautyfull panorama's. That applies also to Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia. In Barcelona you can leisurely stroll along the ramblas. The city has many important museums, interesting architecture, a varied assortment of restaurants and cafes from which to choose and has many surprises in store for the adventurous. In short, Barcelona is a classy and modern city. And whoever has had enough of the bustling city life can always escape to the Penedes.

Playa Del Muerto.

There are two nude beaches between Sitges and Vilanova. In order to get there you will have to make a small hike. You can park at the Atlantida discothèque. Follow the path up to the
hill and the path next to the railroad track. The first beach is mixed and the second beach is exclusively gay. At both beaches, there is a café with a terrace and the possibility to order food. On the other side of the railroad tracks there is a gorgeous cypress forest. Possibilities are limitless for enjoying the nature and the nature. ;)

Sitges - Museum Cau Ferrat.

A valuable collection of modern paintings, glass and metal art.

San Pere de Ribes.

The lovely little town that is not far from Sitges. The 'Castle' and the Casino are worth visiting.


Between Sitges and Barcelona there is a magnificent route along the coast and is a definite must to view. Traveling along this way you will see one of the most beautiful panoramas. Castelldefels also has a real Cyber café,


The countryside around Sitges is famous for its quality wines. In Vilafranca there is a wine museum and Sant Sadurní d'Anoia is the place from where the world famous sparkling wine 'Codorniu' comes.
The cellars of this wine house are open to the public.


Barcelona, is a bustling metropolis, and an international and cultural city. You really cannot really come here just for one day.

Antoni Gaudi

One of the most famous cultural leaders is Antoni Gaudi, born in 1852. Gaudi left behind a trail of monuments, the most famous being the Sagrada Familia, a gigantic cathedral that still has not been completely built.
Also his magical Parc Guell, Parc de la Ciutadella, La Pedrera, Casa Battlò, Casa Calvet en Casa Vicens are also very important works of his.

The Rambla's

The most famous streets are undoubtedly the Ramblas. Either strolling along the boulevards or sitting down at a terrace, you can enjoy and be a part of the vivacity of the area. The most important stores are situated on the Ramblas.


Barcelona has all sorts of museums:

  • Museum Gaudi
  • Museum Picasso
  • Museum Miro
  • Catalonia Art Museum
  • Museum Frederic Marés
  • Museum Moderne Art
  • Ceramic Museum
  • Decorative Art Museum
  • Graphic Museum
  • Holographic Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Geological Museum
  • Zoology Museum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Wax Museum
  • Music Museum
  • Electronic game Museum
  • Military Museum
  • Perfume Museum
  • etc.....
  • Barcelona - Nightlife options

    The night life in Barcelona is just as lively as the daylife.
    Many people from Sitges also go to Barcelona to party at night.

    • Metro Disco, Universitat - Carrer de Sepulveda, 185, Barcelona
    • Night Barcelona, Eixample - Diputacio, 161, Barcelona, CT
    • Bacon Bear Bar, Eixample - Carrer De Casanova, 64, Barcelona
    • Chaps, Avinguda Diagonal, 365, Barcelona
    • Punto BCN, Eixample - Carrer de Muntaner, 63, Barcelona
    • La Chapelle, Eixample - Carrer de Muntaner, 67, Barcelona, SP
    • Dacksy, Eixample - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 247, Barcelona
    • PlataBar, Eixample - Consell de Cent 233, Barcelona
    • People Lounge, Eixample - Villarroel 71, Barcelona
    • Botanic Bar Cafe, Eixample - Muntaner, 64, Barcelona
    • Arena Madre, Eixample - Carrer de Balmes, 32, Barcelona
    • Moeem, Muntaner 11, Barcelona
    • Atame, Eixample - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 257, Barcelona
    • G-Cafe, Eixample - Carrer de Muntaner, 24, Barcelona
    • Maduros: Men's Club, Eixample - Consell de Cent, 245, Barcelona
    • Ocaña Apotheke, Plaza Real, 13-15, Barcelona
    • Woofy, Eixample - Casanova 75 (Eixample), Barcelona
    • Bim Bam Bum Bar, Casanova 73, Barcelona
    • Discotheque, Poble Espanyol - Carrer De Tarragona, 141, Barcelona
    • Kiut Disco, Eixample - Carrer del Consell de Cent, 280, Barcelona


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